Further Complications

The name of the show, “Further Complications” relates to several things going on with me right now.  It describes the increased complexity of the figures in the paintings. It reflects the increased scope of work, for example the super grid.  It relates to my thinking about art this last year of isolation.  It describes the current economic realities that we are all dealing with and the uncertainty of national and global politics.  In essence the culmination of all these forces.

Further Complications in the Figures

People familiar with my process know that I do many sketches for each painting. …

Hanging “Further Complications” at the Durham Art Guild

This is the beginning stage of the super grid. When you obsessively date and time things (like me) getting page order correct is important.  This piece required a level of planning that I had not engaged in before.  This last year I have been contemplating larger and larger projects, and not necessarily in literal terms, e.g. larger paintings (all though, yes larger paintings too).

One of the things I did not anticipate when I started this was how much I would notice the ink capacity of the pens. …