Reunion at Bakehouse Art Center, Miami

I am very excited to announce that my painting #434 will be in the show Reunion at the Bakehouse Art Center in Miami. This show gathers a selection of artists from the Bakehouse’ 29 year history. I had a studio there from 2009-2010 and made a lot of great friends. I know some of the other artists in the show but many I just know of. Special treat: I will be at the opening on February 13.



Friday 13, 2015 7pm-10pm

Bakehouse Art Complex

561 NW 32nd St.…

Studio Time Machine

I was going through some old files and found these photos of my first studio on the second floor at the Bakehouse Arts Complex.  These photos were taken June 28th, 2009.  After a few months (two I think) I moved down to the first floor.

A little preview of something I am working on

Here is a little preview of an idea I am developing:

The idea of printing negative space instead of the line has been on my mind for awhile.  I finally figured out a good way to do this and have printed a few tests. I filled one of the On the Run pens with screen filler and just drew directly on the screen.  The filler flows out of the pens decently but there is some evidence of the texture visible in the finished product.…