A little preview of something I am working on

Here is a little preview of an idea I am developing:

02.29.12 Turquoise and Orange

02.29.12 Turquoise and Orange

The idea of printing negative space instead of the line has been on my mind for awhile.  I finally figured out a good way to do this and have printed a few tests. I filled one of the On the Run pens with screen filler and just drew directly on the screen.  The filler flows out of the pens decently but there is some evidence of the texture visible in the finished product. Not as smooth as the corn syrup mixture I am using as drawing fluid.  I kind of like the sketchy quality of the line in some parts.  I am still experimenting with colors and overlay.  The next set will be combinations of negative space and line.

This print is one of 20 that I made for “This & That,” a print exhibition organized by my friends Regina Jestrow and Jen Basile.  The show will feature prints made by 22 current residents and alumni of the Bakehouse and Art Center South Florida.  I met Regina and Jen during my own residence at the Bakehouse 2009-2010.  The opening is at the Bakehouse April 13, 2012 from 7-10pm in the Swenson Gallery on display through May 1st. The show will also be on display at Art Center South Florida in the 924 Lincoln Road Vitrine from  May 17-June 24.

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