Art Basel 2011 – Day 1 in Wynwood

So its Art Basel time again and I am back in Miami. As if the 14 hour drive from NC with a car full of art didn’t leave me feeling totally surreal already, every surface is covered with art.  Busy setting things up all day so I didn’t get a chance to really see much until evening.  So far: a lot of great art everywhere, amazing pop up shops, crazy people wearing crazy things, a group of squatters throwing an illegal rave in the empty lot next to the gallery, crazy, more crazy, etc. I will probably add more to this later but here are a few of the things I saw wandering around on Day 1.


Someone finally noticed

I will eat your car

Art is literally covering every available surface


The Wall Street Maze - I will get a better picture of this during the day. Totally awesome.

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