December 9, 2012 Art Basel Miami day 6

This post is a little late due to a the cumulative effect of several late nights/early mornings followed by a 12 hour drive back to North Carolina. I tagged these photos if I knew the artist but there are plenty here I do not know. Please email me ( with the file name if you know the artist and it is not labeled.

Captain Joe won a prize from the AholSniffsGlue claw machine at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art

The Ahol claw machine at Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art. $1 to play.

Joe’s winnings

NW 2nd Ave

NW 2nd Ave

HOWNOSM on NW 2nd Ave


NW 2nd Ave – if you know the artist/artists please email re: 0307 and I will tag it.

OMEN on NW 2nd Ave

The model poses with James Brutus’ painting “Rusted”

James Brutus on Tumblr

I got this great book by artist and friend 131

Photos by 131

Photos by 131



The Date Farmers at Wynwood Walls

RETNA at Wynwood Walls

Stelios Faitakis at Wynwood Walls

SANER and SEGO at Wynwood Walls

NEUZZ at Wynwood Walls

b. at Wynwood Walls

NUNCA at Wynwood Walls

NW 2nd Ave

A lot of love for Tony Goldman in Wynwood




The NOW Gallery with ASIF’s Guns in the background

This assures that PanAmerican Art Projects hates you.

Army of One


Anthony Lister


Johnny Robles

Art fair remnants: Red Bull and Franziskaner

Sign for Miami’s Independent Thinkers

La Pandilla on the side of Wood Tavern

La Pandilla

La Pandilla

La Pandilla

Someone decided to tag over a Buff Monster piece


JeanLuc Picard with the “Make It So” arm tattoo

Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf

The Bosh Film Festival

This is why Fredric Snitzer hates you

Trek 6

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