131 color ink drawings in 1:05

I put some of my recent tri-color ink drawings in sequence.  Flipping through them rapidly really shows the similarities and differences between each of the figures.

Short video of me drawing

September 3, 2012 12:53pm

I have been meaning to post some videos for awhile.  This will give you an idea of the speed most of my drawings are made.  12 drawings in about 43 seconds, 10 seconds to record the date and time.  More soon.…

Tricolor drawings

I just uploaded a whole bunch of new work to the drawings page.  I am calling these tricolor because I filled a pen (empty Molotow 227) with a bright orange acrylic ink, then dipped the tip in a dark green ink.  The effect is that the line starts our dark, mixes with the orange and then becomes orange.  It allows me to use different colors without breaking the line or using multiple lines.  Some of the drawings from 8/5/12 are multi-line but everything from 8/10/12 is single line with the colors mixing on the pen nib.  …

Sketchbook June 2012

I am planning the second large canvas.  Here are some recent sketches I am considering:…

More drawings

I have been going through a lot of drawings while working towards this new painting.  These are a few recent drawings I found interesting.

Current favorites:

Some drawings

I have this giant roll of canvas and I am in the planning stage of a really big painting.  I have been doing a lot of drawing lately in preparation.  It should be about 6’x8′.  Drawing is such a big part of my process that I don’t often share.  I usually about 300-500 individual drawings for ever painting I complete.  Sometimes I will paint 2 or 3 off the same page but I feel I need to do at least this many before I find something that I like. …

The situation in the studio right now

Still experimenting with the paint pens.  My favorite so far is the On the Run 7mm. I am working on a set of prints that are 11″x14″ which is smaller than the prints I have been making.  I did some sketches to get a better feel for that size.  These are done with a very lightly water-thinned Phthalo blue:…

The situation in the studio right now

So I got some new toys:

I have been telling myself to check out refillable paint pens for awhile.  I have had not so great luck with the regular kind filled with enamel paint with the pump action nib.   I was never happy with the line quality and I found a lot of the colors would bleach out in the sun.  But a lot of companies are now making refillable ones that you can fill with whatever you want. I checked out a bunch of different places online and ended up placing an order from ArtPrimo.com

Further Complications

The name of the show, “Further Complications” relates to several things going on with me right now.  It describes the increased complexity of the figures in the paintings. It reflects the increased scope of work, for example the super grid.  It relates to my thinking about art this last year of isolation.  It describes the current economic realities that we are all dealing with and the uncertainty of national and global politics.  In essence the culmination of all these forces.

Further Complications in the Figures

People familiar with my process know that I do many sketches for each painting. …

Hanging “Further Complications” at the Durham Art Guild

This is the beginning stage of the super grid. When you obsessively date and time things (like me) getting page order correct is important.  This piece required a level of planning that I had not engaged in before.  This last year I have been contemplating larger and larger projects, and not necessarily in literal terms, e.g. larger paintings (all though, yes larger paintings too).

One of the things I did not anticipate when I started this was how much I would notice the ink capacity of the pens. …