Tricolor drawings

I just uploaded a whole bunch of new work to the drawings page.  I am calling these tricolor because I filled a pen (empty Molotow 227) with a bright orange acrylic ink, then dipped the tip in a dark green ink.  The effect is that the line starts our dark, mixes with the orange and then becomes orange.  It allows me to use different colors without breaking the line or using multiple lines.  Some of the drawings from 8/5/12 are multi-line but everything from 8/10/12 is single line with the colors mixing on the pen nib.  Prior to now I had just been diluting my normal paints with water for use in the pens.  It worked really well with some of the mop pens but I had not had a whole lot of success with the Molotows, which otherwise I liked because they have very even flow with not much drip.  The watered down paint was just not bright enough.  These “acrylic inks” are pretty bright though and the color is very even. These were all done on two days, August 5th and August 10th of 2012.  Here are some of my favorites from the set (click on any of the images to go into the set or click here for the drawings page):


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