The situation in the studio right now

So I got some new toys:


The filled one is an On The Run 7mm. The replacement nips are next to it. The ArtPrimo mops are still in the bags in back.

I have been telling myself to check out refillable paint pens for awhile.  I have had not so great luck with the regular kind filled with enamel paint with the pump action nib.   I was never happy with the line quality and I found a lot of the colors would bleach out in the sun.  But a lot of companies are now making refillable ones that you can fill with whatever you want. I checked out a bunch of different places online and ended up placing an order from who have a great selection of empty markers.  About $20 later I had an assortment of pens in 2 different sizes coming to my house. I started by just pouring the regular golden fluid acrylic in the markers.  It works enough, but the line quality improved with a few drops of water.

So this happened:

A gold variation

After each layer I added one drop of black to the pen

Raw Umber

This pen was the most fun to use. It was an 11mm nib with a super squeezy bottle. Big thick line.

Red and 2 blues

One of the more successful multi color variations.


Red, Blue and And Light Blue

The light blue is more opaque because of the titanium added. The darker blue looks almost black where it overlaps the red.

So I am definitely still playing with these.  They are capable of a very long stroke, far longer than a brush.  I am not totally in love with the line quality but that may get fixed when I get the optimal water to paint ratio figured out. Still playing with it.  I think the next will use lighter colors.  These are all about 20″ x 30″ done on a heavy paper, 90lb cotton the same as I have been using for the prints.  Here is a close up:

Close up

I may eventually get used to this line.


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