Art Basel 2011 – Day 3 in Wynwood

Ok, so I spent the day checking out some more great street art.  First up was Krave‘s beach party over at the Sunbather.  We got there early while he was still spreading the sand. This mural is awesome.  Full disclosure: I have known Dan for a long time now and consider him a good friend.  I first met him back in 2006 when I was painting Number 73 on Lincoln Road.

Dan Fila spreading sand in front of The Sunbather

After that we decided to go back to the Bakehouse and see how the old school crews were coming along:

Some old school Miami crews reuniting on the Bakehouse west wall.

The Bakehouse Arts Complex

The Bakehouse Arts Complex

I love this character @ The Bakehouse Arts Complex

While we were over there, we hit up the big wall along 95.  The front face was still mostly in progress.

131 on the 95 wall

131 on the 95 wall

The side street was going off though

As I said, going off

Dolla's wall is looking sick

In progress

This wall is killing it

Notice he is painting that with a tiny brush

Skateboarding with a cape

More murals being finished along NW 2nd Ave

Things were starting to heat up in Wynwood so we headed back to the gallery.

So there might be a lot of people out

James Brutus at GAB Studio:

James Brutus at GAB Studio

My work is at GAB Studio

The scene outside GAB studio

The portraits on the left are CPONE. Jeff Scweiger on the back wall.



  1. Hi Ross, thanks for posting the photos. Jody and I tried to come to the gallery on Thursday but gave up trying to find parking.We’ll try again this afternoon. Your work looks amazing! I hope the show is successful for you.

  2. Hey Ross, so glad you posted the street art pics! That looks really great, even better than last year. GAB pics are appreciated to, since some folks weren’t able to return this year. See ya man!

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