December 6, 2012 Art Basel Miami day 3

Day 3 began with a great lunch with this guy up in Hallandale:

The youngest 99 year old I know

Here are some of the artists who I am showing with at GAB Studio:

James Brutus at GAB Studio

James Brutus at GAB Studio

More info on James here. Also see James Brutus on Tumblr.

Jaime Adrover at GAB Studio

More info on Jaime here.

Bridges Aderhold in GAB Studio

Roland Ruocco at GAB Studio

EMO at GAB Studio

Janae Anon at GAB Studio

Brian Buzzella at GAB Studio

Meanwhile at the food truck mud pit:

LOOK AT THE URL. This is why it’s important to consult anyone, anyone under the age of 30 before wrapping your truck. Your nephew would have spotted the problem here.

Breakfast of Champions

Federico Solmi animation at Postmasters in SEVEN. These were creepy as hell, so naturally I loved them.

This is across from the entrance to SEVEN, NW 2nd Ave and NW 22

Ok, graffiti disclaimer here: I cannot read all of these tags.  I tried to label the ones I could read, if you know the name of one of these artists and they are not tagged, email me at with the file name (if you mouse-over the image it should display) and I will update.

CRUNK – This is the wall around SUPERMIX which has been filled by tags from a few crews.

More of the SUPERMIX wall. PROX


LOEK on the SUPERMIX wall

RIDLE on the SUPERMIX wall


FUME on the SUPERMIX wall

This was in progress as we walked by on the corner of the SUPERMIX wall

BEGS on the SUPERMIX wall


SICKS on the SUPERMIX wall



PORNO on the SUPERMIX wall.


LACK on the SUPERMIX wall



Brendan O’Hara playing an acoustic set at ADJUST Gallery

The party begins at GAB Studio after dark

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