3/26/12 New Painting

Number 423

Number 423

Hard to believe it’s the end of March and this is the first painting of 2012, Number 423.  I have been focused on the prints since January so I haven’t spent much time actually painting.  It’s been a lot of fun but I needed to paint.  I am still planning a giant painting on this roll of canvas I have.The plan has been to go very heavily multilinear on that since I will have space to put a lot of lines. This sketch was not dense enough for that size but I really liked it so I painted it at my regular size of 3’x4′.




So first off, this is a palette switch from the last group of paintings.  Notably the addition of the orange but also brown instead of yellow and a different pigment green.  My last group had some orangey reds, but everything was squarely on the red end of the spectrum.  This is definitely orange.  I admit it was added because of the red-orange I have been using on the prints.  I loved the effect when used with the purples, turquoise and green.  The other change is the green is chromium oxide which has a matte finish and an earthy tone compared to the bright phthalo green.  It is one of my favorite colors.

Besides the pigment changes, there has been a color pattern change as well.  The previous two sets of paintings used 3-level sets for the interior space but in this painting I am using 2-levels.  This painting has 5 colors in heavy and light saturation pairs, plus orange.  The multilinear red/turquoise/purple/yellow/green paintings from last year (414422) had two major interior colors and 2 minor interior colors in sets of 3 levels of saturation. Fourth levels of saturation were used for line or background.  The yellow series (406413) before that had a 5-level major color and two minors.  The interior space of both groups of paintings was limited to 3 saturation levels of each color.

Work Table

10 colors in light and heavy saturation pairs. At the time that I took this photo I had not yet mixed the big vat of orange.

Blue, Turquoise, Purple

Pairs of Blue, Turquoise, Purple

Two saturation variants of each color allow for some interesting patterns.  I opted to alternate heavy/light horizontally within color and vertically across color.  Here is what it looked like after I established the major color areas and began to identify the minor color clusters:

Early Stage

One application of each of the color pairs plus the second minor color cluster.

One Coat no lines

One Coat establishing all the color areas.

Fast forward many hours:

Many coats of paint later...

Many coats of paint later...


On a side note I have been on a huge Afrobeat kick lately playing a lot of mid-70s Fela Kuti in the studio on repeat.  Mostly “Gentleman,” “Zombie,” and “Expensive Shit.” This has been interspersed with some of my favorite Brazilian music, long-time obsession “Carlos, Erasmo” by Erasmo Carlos and “Africa Brasil” by Jorge Ben.

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