December 4th, 2012 – Art Basel Miami day 1

It would be an understatement to say that the amount and quality of the street art in Wynwood has increased dramatically since last year.  There needs to be a stronger word. Hyper-dramatically?  Anyways, the photos below are just a few snaps I took while walking around the neighborhood after I finished hanging my work at GAB studio.  I will post pictures of the gallery once it is open but for now just feast your eyes on this small sampling of outdoor art I saw during a short walk today.  Seriously, this is just one section of the neighborhood.  There is a lot more I just didn’t walk past yet.  More pics later this week.

I am going to try to tag the artists if I know or the pieces were signed.  If you know an artist who is not tagged or is tagged incorrectly please email me at with the file name and the correction.  I can’t promise it will get updated this week but it will get updated.

Art people are definitely everywhere. Extra points for the guy in the beret.

HOWNOSM from last year I think

Huge RETNA wall on the Wynwood Arts Complex building

More art people and some work leaning against a wall


Animal Takeover





Matt W Moore – love this guys work.

Pimp Vader wants his money bitch

Dustin Spagnola – great to see some NC people getting up in Miami. This mural is great imagery, first encountered this image in Asheville, NC

Pixel Pancho



HOWNOSM (sides) and VHIL (center)

DABS MYLA in progress


Inked Pro

ERG – love this

JADEUNO (Left) Entes y Pesimo (Right)

I love this. Please tell me who it is if you know. file is DSC_0819

Matthew Curran is getting up everywhere. More North Carolina in Wynwood


More Pixel Pancho

Artist and friend James Brutus in the foreground


The signature looks like Stefan Way and Danilo Gonzalez. Dope as hell

Shark Toof

La Pandilla

After walking all over town I finally get to relax with a few good friends. Having a few beers in front of one of my paintings from 2008 – Number 314. Wow I am tired.


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