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Three new paintings to post.  I have been working on these for awhile, about a month I guess. There have been a couple things going on but more on that later.  I will be posting about some new drawings too shortly.  The next pieces will be really big again, but I wanted to get a few small ones done before I got caught up in a big project.  I have sketched a whole book so far in preparation for these next large pieces and these were 3 faces caught my eye but were better suited to this smaller size.  Each has fairly strong multifacial effect. Each uses 17 colors.

Left to right: 3 Teal (exteriors), 3 Manganese Blue, 3 Yellow/black (Lines), Orange/Green pair, Red/Yellow pair, 3 Dioxazine Purple, 3 Chromium Oxide Green

The color set for these paintings is:

  • 3 major interior colors in 3 descending saturation levels: Manganese Blue, Dioxazine Purple and a Chromium Oxide Green mixture
  • 2 pairs of minor colors: Custom orange mixture/dark Phthalo green and Napthol Red/Hansa Yellow (green mixture)
  • 3 linear colors, descending shades of yellow oxide
  • 3 exterior colors (one for each painting): Teal in descending saturation levels.

Anyways, here are some progress shots of the new paintings:

This is a mixture for the medium green tone.  It appears to be (left to right) carbon black, phthalo green (yellow shade), chromium oxide green and a white/chromium oxide green mix (probably just poured from the light tone).

Here are the finished pieces.  The images click through to the painting page with closeups.


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