There are two sets of prints here.  This first set was printed on 4/15/12.  The full array is up on the Prints page.  This first group uses 3 shades of turquoise, in different color iterations:

04.15.12 Three Figures in Turquoise, All 6 iterations

4/15/12 All six iterations in turquoise. Each of these is a unique variation.

To get all of the variations I printed each screen twice in each color, then switched colors and repeated on the dry prints for each of the remaining screens.  I started printing the lightest shade, adding more turquoise for each layer.  Phthalo turquoise is one of my favorite colors.  I first started using it in 2009 with Number 365 and 366.

4/15/12 Two variations with iridescent pearl. Sadly, this does not photograph well.

I did a few prints with a new color I picked up on a whim, iridescent pearl.  I was curious how it would print and I am pleased to say it comes out pretty cool.  It looks great both as an overlay and underneath the more transparent colors such as the blue and orange. Photographing it has proven difficult though.  I have really been feeling the orange lately.  Since painting Number 423 I have been thinking about colors based on how they would look next to orange.

4/15/12 This is one of my favorites from the run.

I did these the next day with some purple:

4/16/12 The purple/orange/green combination is one I will probably revisit soon.

On 4/22/12 I did more experiments with Orange.  This time I mixed the pearl down with black and white for a grey color.  It still maintains some of  the iridescence.

04.22.12 Orange/Turquoise/Grey - three versions

04.22.12 Orange/Purple/Grey - two versions

This next

04.22.12 Orange/Purple/Turquoise - two versions

Finally, I printed this one, which I have been calling “Triple C” because is is a triple print of the 3rd screen.  I have been resisting doing a multiple like this for awhile but I am pleased with the outcome.

04.22.12 Triple C

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